Producing Power for a Higher Purpose!

Mission Statement:

BioPro Power will be a global leader in the innovative use of biomass to reduce pollution while bringing sustainable economic development to rural areas of the world. Our mission is to align our efforts toward a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Vision Statement:

BioPro Power’s vision is to make sustainable environmental and community improvements today that will benefit everyone tomorrow.

Sustainability Statement:

Providing renewable, sustainable energy solutions through our proprietary technology and logistical supply-chain process, thereby creating innovative value from biomass energy today to power a better tomorrow.

Core Purpose & Goals:

Revolutionize renewable energy industry to be leader in providing supplementary base-load role in all forms of energy by offering an economical, dependable, readily available, and sustainable energy source. We will achieve this by use of our proprietary technology to include our logistical supply-chain process to assure sustainable energy that improves our environment and lessens our carbon footprint while adding value to rural, local, and at-large economies and social progress.

BioPro Power will be a key player in the renewable energy industry by providing base load steam and electric power as a complement to existing wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal energy through the use of the economical, dependable, readily available, and sustainable energy source – biomass. We will achieve this through the deployment of our proprietary technology, including our supply-chain logistics process to ensure a sustainable energy source. BioPro Power’s energy production plan improves our environment while adding economic value to local, rural economies and benefiting living standards.



BioPro Power将成为全球领先企业在创新使用生物质来减少污染方面,同时也为世界农村带来可持续经济发展方面。 我们的使命是将我们的努力与可持续的低碳经济相协调。
BioPro Power的愿景是,现今可持续的环境和社区的改善将有利于大家未来。
BioPro Power通过提供基本负载蒸汽和电力作为现有风力,太阳能,水力和地热能的补充,在使用经济的,可靠的,现成的和可持续的能源,将成为可再生能源行业的关键参与者。 - 生物量。我们将通过部署我们的专有技术实现这一目标,包括我们的供应链物流流程,以确保可持续的能源。BioPro Power的能源生产计划改善了我们的环境,同时为当地和农村增加了经济价值,并使生活水平提高。