BioPro Power Brief

BioPro Power® is an innovator in the renewable energy field using byproducts of agricultural crops as biomass fuels. BioPro Power’s (BPP) focus is enabling the development of steam and power generation plants using corn stover as the primary fuel source (multiple fuels capable, including natural gas as a back-up fuel). The company was formed in 2003.


BioPro Power, with it’s team of agricultural, plant engineering, and boiler combustion specialists has deep, practical knowledge of the issues and opportunities related to biomass fuel procurement and biomass energy generation with a focus on corn stover as the primary fuel source. The substantial intellectual property rights resulting from such know-how provide innovative technologies and solutions to BPP’s customers for a sustainable, low carbon economy.

Management of excess above ground corn residue – Includes field identification, harvesting methods and equipment, bale handling logistics and quality control.

Biomass pre-processing - A key to combustion and efficiency is proper pre-processing and handling of corn residue. The company has the expertise to produce the “ideal” corn stover bale for efficient storage and handling, as well as delivery to the stock preparation area for final sizing, preparation and the feed-in process into the combustion environment.

Facility design and operation - Boiler design and operational parameters provide targeted operating conditions in the combustion chamber, resulting in “ideal” flue gas flow and temperatures entering the boiler. These innovative methods prevent plugging of the combustor feed system and boiler fouling that would result from the high alkali content in corn stover.

Redirecting our focus - In 2010, BPP secured an air permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a BPP Energy Island designed 25 MW net to grid power plant to be built at Rock Falls, IL. This project was put on-hold, in September 2012, for financial feasibility reasons when natural gas fracking impacted power pricing. This caused us to re-examine and redirect our focus, including a global search for the best power price to fuel price spread, which led us to China. Using our patented and Know-How technology there not only helps facilitate China’s needs for pollution reduction but also showcases better project financial returns for BPP as well.


The BioPro Power Energy Island is a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility that uses corn stover (multiple renewable fuels capable) to generate both steam and electricity at a very high efficiency. This is ideal for applications where there is a use for both thermal energy and electricity, such as:

1. Steam energy for process manufacturing
2. Steam energy for a turbine generating electric power
3. Steam energy for heating-cooling-electricity for a district heating campus (microgrid)
4. And, or, items 1 & 2 combined.

Turn-key - BPP has the capability to secure permitting, design, build and operate biomass–fueled facilities. The company can also source project financing. EPC financially backed performance guarantees would be provided.

Retrofitting coal-fired plants – Due to extensive pollution, China governmental regulations require that owners cease operation of numerous coal fired power plants. Other owners of coal fired power plants are exploring alternatives for their outdated coal-fired systems. BPP can assist operators of such power plants by retrofitting them to use corn stover or a combination of corn stover and other fuel. Retrofitting enables an existing plant to leverage much of its existing capital investment in its facilities, while being able to produce revenue generating clean energy.

Operational changes to existing biomass projects – For existing biomass plants with operating problems, BPP can implement its IP protected technology for corn stover procurement, storage, stock preparation, feed-in process and combustion recipe environment to solve these problems.

BioPro Power will identify existing power generating assets that have operating difficulties, or are shut-down, in the primary corn growing regions of China, that might be leased or otherwise engaged in a partnership. Whether coal or biomass-fired, these plants will be analyzed for a retrofitted conversion to use BPP’s IP protected corn stover combustion recipe.

Technology Licensing and Consulting – Licenses to the company’s technology, patents and other intellectual property are available for qualified firms who wish to use corn stover combustion for generating process steam and/or power. BPP can provide such firms with consulting services and/or technology transfer packages, in conjunction with such licenses to assist such firms in designing, building and/or operating their facilities.

US Projects Being Considered

Potential Projects In U. S. Corn Belt - BPP is considering the development of new corn-stover fueled combustion systems to provide process steam and power generation to ethanol plants. These facilities will realize numerous environmental benefits from using corn stover while also providing significant financial benefits to the plant facility owners and the farmers providing the fuel (stover), and the rural communities.

BPP’s Intellectual Property Rights

BioPro Power owns Intellectual Property rights related to corn-stover fueled steam and power generation, including Know-How, Trade Secrets and patented technologies and processes related to harvesting, baling, storage, management and transportation of corn stover bales through the receiving and preparation for combustion, and, ultimately, combustion for steam and power generation. BPP owns patent rights in both the United States and in China, including both issued patents and pending patent applications. On September 16, 2015, the Chinese Patent Office granted BPP's patent in China (China Patent No. CN 105003920 A), which corresponds to BPP's US Patent No. 8,712,787 which was granted in April 2014.

Abstract purpose statement, on first page of
US Patent No. 8,712,787 owned by Biomass Products, LLC, is: (1) Systems and methods for managing excess above-ground corn residue; and, (2) Methods and systems for harvesting and pre-processing corn residue prior to combustion of the corn residue; and, (3) Systems and methods for combusting corn residue to produce heat for generating steam.

* Download a copy of BPP’s US Patent here

* Download a copy of BPP’s China Patent here