BioPro Power Brief

BioPro Power® is an innovator in the renewable energy field using byproducts of agricultural crops as biomass fuels. BioPro Power’s (BPP) focus is enabling the development of steam and power generation plants using corn stover as the primary fuel source (multiple fuels capable, including natural gas as a back-up fuel). The company was formed in 2003.


BioPro Power, with it’s team of agricultural, plant engineering, and boiler combustion specialists has deep, practical knowledge of the issues and opportunities related to biomass fuel procurement and biomass energy generation with a focus on corn stover as the primary fuel source. The substantial intellectual property rights resulting from such know-how provide innovative technologies and solutions to BPP’s customers for a sustainable, low carbon economy.

Management of excess above ground corn residue – Includes field identification, harvesting methods and equipment, bale handling logistics and quality control.

Biomass pre-processing - A key to combustion and efficiency is proper pre-processing and handling of corn residue. The company has the expertise to produce the “ideal” corn stover bale for efficient storage and handling, as well as delivery to the stock preparation area for final sizing, preparation and the feed-in process into the combustion environment.

Facility design and operation - Boiler design and operational parameters provide targeted operating conditions in the combustion chamber, resulting in “ideal” flue gas flow and temperatures entering the boiler. These innovative methods prevent plugging of the combustor feed system and boiler fouling that would result from the high alkali content in corn stover.

Redirecting our focus - In 2010, BPP secured an air permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a BPP Energy Island designed 25 MW net to grid power plant to be built at Rock Falls, IL. This project was put on-hold, in September 2012, for financial feasibility reasons when natural gas fracking impacted power pricing. This caused us to re-examine and redirect our focus, including a global search for the best power price to fuel price spread, which led us to China. Using our patented and Know-How technology there not only helps facilitate China’s needs for pollution reduction but also showcases better project financial returns for BPP as well.


The BioPro Power Energy Island is a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility that uses corn stover (multiple renewable fuels capable) to generate both steam and electricity at a very high efficiency. This is ideal for applications where there is a use for both thermal energy and electricity, such as:

1. Steam energy for process manufacturing
2. Steam energy for a turbine generating electric power
3. Steam energy for heating-cooling-electricity for a district heating campus (microgrid)
4. And, or, items 1 & 2 combined.

Turn-key - BPP has the capability to secure permitting, design, build and operate biomass–fueled facilities. The company can also source project financing. EPC financially backed performance guarantees would be provided.

Retrofitting coal-fired plants – Due to extensive pollution, China governmental regulations require that owners cease operation of numerous coal fired power plants. Other owners of coal fired power plants are exploring alternatives for their outdated coal-fired systems. BPP can assist operators of such power plants by retrofitting them to use corn stover or a combination of corn stover and other fuel. Retrofitting enables an existing plant to leverage much of its existing capital investment in its facilities, while being able to produce revenue generating clean energy.

Operational changes to existing biomass projects – For existing biomass plants with operating problems, BPP can implement its IP protected technology for corn stover procurement, storage, stock preparation, feed-in process and combustion recipe environment to solve these problems.

BioPro Power will identify existing power generating assets that have operating difficulties, or are shut-down, in the primary corn growing regions of China, that might be leased or otherwise engaged in a partnership. Whether coal or biomass-fired, these plants will be analyzed for a retrofitted conversion to use BPP’s IP protected corn stover combustion recipe.

Technology Licensing and Consulting – Licenses to the company’s technology, patents and other intellectual property are available for qualified firms who wish to use corn stover combustion for generating process steam and/or power. BPP can provide such firms with consulting services and/or technology transfer packages, in conjunction with such licenses to assist such firms in designing, building and/or operating their facilities.

BPP ENERGY ISLANDS (BEI): New Technology Ready to Go!

BioPro Power has developed a proprietary recipe which allows the combustion of corn stover with its high alkali content. These process modifications address boiler tube slagging problems which previously required multiple shutdowns per year to clean the boiler tubes. These shutdowns greatly reduce the efficiency and profitability of any plant that uses corn stover for fuel.

This concept allows the use of the largest volume of biomass in the Midwest, notably corn stover. These BEI’s essentially allow ethanol plants to turn off their natural gas and consume locally-produced biomass.

BEI’s THREE MAJOR SYSTEMS Are: (1) the stover storage and processing system; (2) the combustion and boiler system; and, (3) the process steam delivery and electrical generating system. The key to the BEI is higher pressure and temperature steam than the ethanol plant normally requires. This steam is sent through an extraction/condensing steam turbine, which extracts process steam at the ethanol plant's required temperature and pressure while also generating electricity for the ethanol plant's operation. It should be noted that BPP owns the proprietary stover combustion recipe (and patents). An EPC wrap guarantee for project will be offered.

“BEI” FARMER BENEFITS: Residue Management Services (stover removal) is documented to increase yields following the harvest of excess stover due to several agronomic factors. Higher yields, faster farming, reduced tillage costs and lower fertilizer requirements are examples of direct savings to the farmers who provide the stover.

Because the ethanol plant utilizes corn stover (a renewable fuel) to provide their process steam and electricity needs, the facility will be producing organic ethanol, enabling the ethanol plant to sell into the West coast market and capture the RINs. This will result in a much larger profit distribution to the equity owners of the plant. In addition, the financial benefits to community are likely to include tax exempt bonds for financing the project.

BPP’s BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY: Biomass Products, LLC dba BioPro Power (BPP) is a renewable fuels-to-energy industry innovator. Technology developed by BPP over 17 years of research and testing has resulted in efficient and sustainable processes for the collection of agricultural biomass materials, the preparation, and the combustion of that biomass. In particular, corn stover (biomass left in field after corn grain harvest) is an attractive biomass fuel to use to produce steam and electricity from conventional power boilers. BPP has conducted extensive research on the collection, baling, and logistics equipment. Additional work has been completed to design and manage feedstock preparation to ensure corn stover (fuel) is provided in the quantity, particle size, and heat content per ton that is critical to efficient boiler operations. BPP’s team has expertise with other biomass fuels as well. See BPP’s Team Roster on website.

BPP DEVELOPED THE RECIPE TO COMBUST CORN STOVER: BPP’s tested and proven technology for its IP protected combustion “recipe” resolves the primary issue experienced in burning corn stover – the build-up of hardened ash and slag on the boiler tubes due to the high alkali content in the corn stover. Conventional biomass boiler firing practices create a hardened ash product, which normally cannot be removed with standard boiler cleaning methods. Over time, the buildup reduces efficiency and requires boiler down time for special cleaning. BPP’s process allows for this material to be removed during normal operation with conventional boiler cleaning equipment, allowing for greater total operating efficiency.

BPP’s Intellectual Property Rights

BioPro Power owns Intellectual Property rights related to corn-stover fueled steam and power generation, including Know-How, Trade Secrets and patented technologies and processes related to harvesting, baling, storage, management and transportation of corn stover bales through the receiving and preparation for combustion, and, ultimately, combustion for steam and power generation. BPP owns patent rights in both the United States and in China, including both issued patents and pending patent applications. On September 16, 2015, the Chinese Patent Office granted BPP's patent in China (China Patent No. CN 105003920 A), which corresponds to BPP's US Patent No. 8,712,787 which was granted in April 2014.

Abstract purpose statement, on first page of
US Patent No. 8,712,787 owned by Biomass Products, LLC, is: (1) Systems and methods for managing excess above-ground corn residue; and, (2) Methods and systems for harvesting and pre-processing corn residue prior to combustion of the corn residue; and, (3) Systems and methods for combusting corn residue to produce heat for generating steam.

* Download a copy of BPP’s US Patent here

* Download a copy of BPP’s China Patent here


BioPro Power简介
BioPro Power®是可再生能源领域的创新者,使用农作物副产品生产生物质燃料。 BioPro Power(简称BPP)侧重于推动蒸汽发电厂使用玉米秸秆作为主要燃料来源(多种可用燃料,包括作为备用燃料的天然气)。该公司成立于2003年。


BioPro Power拥有农业、设备工程和锅炉燃烧领域丰富经验的专家团队,对于生物质燃料获取和生物质能发电问题和机遇具备深入的实践知识,公司业务重点是将玉米秸秆作为主要燃料来源。BPP源于这类专门技术的大量知识产权,为客户提供创新技术和解决方案,实现可持续发展的低碳经济。
管理过剩的玉米秸秆 - 包括田间鉴定、收割方法和设备、包装处理、物流和质量控制。
生物质预处理 - 燃烧和效率的关键是对玉米秸秆进行正确的预处理。公司拥有的专业技术可生产理想的玉米秸秆捆包,改善储存和处理效率,并拥有一整套运送至备料区进行最终定型、制备、进料,再到进入燃烧环境的完整工艺。
设备设计与操作 - 锅炉的设计和操作参数确保燃烧室具有相应的操作条件,并由此获得理想的烟气流量和进入锅炉的温度。这类创新技术可防止燃烧器进料系统堵塞以及玉米秸秆碱含量过高导致锅炉结垢。

重新定位我们的重点 - 针对拟建于伊利诺伊州罗克福尔斯的BPP能源岛计划25兆瓦的并网发电厂,BPP已于2010年获得伊利诺伊州环境保护局(EPA)的空气许可证。该项目由于财务可行性方面的原因(天然气压裂技术影响电力定价)于20129月被搁置。这促使我们重新审视所关注的主要问题并重新定位,包括在全球范围内针对燃料价格差距寻求最佳电力定价,并且引导我们进入中国。使用我们的专利和专有技术不仅满足中国的减排需求,还展示了更佳的项目财务回报。

BioPro Power能源岛是一种使用玉米秸秆(多种可再生燃料)以高效率生产蒸汽和电力的热电联产设备(CHP)。该设备十分适合使用热能和电力的应用领域,例如:
1. 用于流程制造业的蒸汽能
2. 用于发电涡轮机的蒸汽能
3. 用于区域供热园区供热、制冷、供电的蒸汽能(微电网)
4. /或项目12相结合的应用领域。

交钥匙 - BPP有能力确保许可、设计、建造、运营生物质燃料设施。公司还可以提供项目融资,同时,将提供EPC财务支持的业绩保证。

改造燃煤发电厂 - 由于污染严重,中国政府法规要求众多燃煤发电厂所有者停止运行。其他燃煤发电厂的所有者正在对过时的燃煤发电系统寻求替代方案。通过使用玉米秸秆或玉米秸秆和其他燃料的组合,BPP可以帮助这些运营商对其发电厂进行改造。改造之后,工厂能充分利用其现有设施的资本投资,同时还可生产创收的清洁能源。

现有生物质能项目的操作变化 - 对于运营存在问题的现有生物质发电厂,BPP可通过实施专利技术解决问题,即玉米秸秆获取、储存、备料,进料工艺和燃烧配方环境。

BioPro Power将确定中国主要玉米种植地区经营困难或者停产的现有发电资产(有可能被租赁或存在合伙关系)。BPP将对此类电厂开展深入分析,无论其采用煤炭还是生物质燃料,这些工厂将被分析是否可应用BPP知识产权保护的玉米秸秆燃烧配方进行改造。

技术许可与咨询 - 公司技术、专利和其他知识产权的许可适用于希望使用玉米秸秆燃烧产生工艺蒸汽和/或电力的合格公司。BPP可以为这些公司提供咨询服务和/或一揽子技术转让,同时授权这些公司设计、建造和/或操作设施。


美国玉米种植带的潜在项目 - BPP正在考虑开发新的玉米秸秆燃料燃烧系统,为乙醇工厂提供工艺蒸汽和电力。这些设施将通过使用玉米秸秆实现诸多环境效益,同时,为工厂设施所有者、提供燃料(秸秆)的农民、农村社区创造巨大的经济利益。


BioPro Power拥有与玉米秸秆燃料蒸汽和发电有关的知识产权,包括涉及玉米秸秆捆包的收割、打包、储存、管理和运输的专有技术、商业机密、专利技术和工艺,通过接收和制备用于燃烧的玉米秸秆,最终燃烧产生蒸汽并且发电。BPP在美国和中国均拥有专利权,包括已经签发的专利和未决的专利申请。2015916日,中国专利局向BPP授予中国专利(中国专利号CN105003920 A),与之对应的是BPP20144月获得的美国专利号8,712,787

Biomass Products, LLC拥有的美国专利号8,712,787第一页的目的陈述摘要如下:(1)管理过剩玉米秸秆的系统与方法;和(2)玉米秸秆燃烧之前的收割和预处理方法与系统;和(3)燃烧玉米秸秆产生热量制造蒸汽的系统与方法。